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What is Moonflower Music about? I'm glad you asked!

Ethical business practices

  1. Fair treatment of our workers is a core value for us. We have carefully selected suppliers that maintain good working conditions for employees and pay fair wages.

  2. We love animals as much as we love music! That's why all of our products will always be cruelty-free and vegan.

  3. The other reason for using plant-based materials is to reduce our environmental footprint and be as eco-friendly as possible. Beyond the product materials, we have also eliminated plastic from our packaging and use fully recyclable materials instead!

Quality Products

We found that most woven straps were made with cheap materials and flimsy end tabs. After spending hundreds of dollars on our guitar, we wanted a high-quality strap to support it that felt great for hours of playing! It seemed leather was the only "high-quality" option. So we set out to create a great product for others who value sustainability and cruelty-free business practices!

With that in mind, all of our products use carefully selected, premium plant-based materials. We believe value comes from quality first and price second. Since we want to reduce the amount of leather sold (and animals harmed), we strive to be as cost-competitive as possible! But we will never compromise on using the best materials we can find. 

Unique Designs

Our of products all feature our own unique designs. We design everything right down to the color of the stitching ourselves! We're constantly working on coming up with new patterns and color schemes to help you make your guitar setup match your style!