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Packaging Update!

Would you believe it if we told you we had a harder time getting our packaging figured out than we did designing and sourcing our guitar straps and picks? It's true! Here's why...

We are committed to keeping our business as environmentally-friendly as possible, and packaging is often a MAJORLY overlooked area of business operations. However, we IMMEDIATELY noticed how much plastic was used in the packaging of other brands' products and got to work figuring out how to ensure our packaging was eco-friendly from Day 1. 

But here's the thing...

The reason plastic is so commonplace is because:

  1. It's easy to use for packaging
  2. It's cheap

Don't fret though (*insert laughtrack*). After multiple design iterations, interviewing literally dozens of suppliers, getting various product samples, we finally found recyclable, non-plastic solutions for both our straps and picks!

Take a look!

Packaging for Online Orders


For straps, we selected a corrugated cardboard box as the primary material. Corrugated cardboard is one of the MOST recyclable materials and does a great job protecting your strap in transit. We came up with a beautiful design for the box and after trying multiple suppliers, we selected the one who was able to produce it with a beautiful finish!

The picks were very tricky, since most picks come in small plastic bags. We were adamant about avoiding plastic, though, and after trying different solutions we finally got a solution that works well! For picks, we use the same beautiful pattern printed onto thick cardstock and use a small amount of removeable adhesive to stick the picks to the card! 

Packaging for Retail Shops

Several guitar shops and even boutiques such as Ames Mercantile have requested carrying our straps, and retail has slightly different packaging needs. Again, many other brands' packaging is made of plastic and we were committed to doing better. We consulted with a packaging expert to design our guitar strap hangar that is again made of a thick kraft paperboard to maximize recyclability (is that a word?). We used a slightly less thick paper for the picks, but both are essentially a plain paper that is highly recyclable

Of course, we wanted to present our products as beautifully as possible, but we didn't want to compromise on maintaining our commitment to eco-friendly business practices. We are thrilled that we were able to find solutions that do a great job presenting our products while also respecting the planet! 

What do you think of these packaging solutions? Is product packaging something you consider when choosing a product?