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Best Gifts for Guitarists

Black Friday is upon us, Christmas is just weeks away, and rampant supply chain shortages mean this year it is all the more critical to be on top of your holiday gift shopping! We've taken the time to put together a list of thoughtful gifts for guitar players. Whether you are a guitarist yourself trying to put together your wish list for friends and family or someone trying to find ideas for your favorite musician, this list should help!

Before we get to the list of GREAT gifts, though, let's talk about BAD Christmas gifts. If you google "holiday gifts for guitarists", you'll probably find a few blogs that list a bunch of gimmicky junk on Amazon. Slides, pick punches, cheap straps, generic picks, finger strength trainers, callous builders....guitar-shaped frying pans? Skip that stuff. It might get a smile at first, but give it a month and the novelty wears off and all that will be relegated to the junk drawer. Even buying picks and strings isn't necessarily a good idea, which I'll elaborate on shortly. But with that, let's get into what are the BEST gifts for guitarists!

Best Gifts for Guitarists

1. A new strap

Guitar straps are like shoes. You might already have a pair or even multiple, but there's always room for one more in a new style! It's one of the main ways to vary your look. Just don't get a boring black or brown strap. Get one with some personality! 

Gift for guitar player


2. Fun guitar picks!

OK, picks are tricky-- I DON'T recommend getting the picks you'll find at Guitar Center (Dunlops). Those are functional, but there's a strong chance the recipient of your gift has a specific type they are partial to and you won't get the right one. Instead, you could do one of two things. 1) Get them a variety pack so they can try different thicknesses and types than they usually buy. 2) Get them some picks that are FUN! Our picks were designed on a 0.71mm nylon base which is the jack-of-all-trades pick. Not too thick, not too thin, medium flexibility. They make great stocking stuffers too! 

Gift for guitarist


3. String-change tool

Don't buy a cheap string winder on Amazon. Those are a one-trick pony and mostly made by cheap Chinese suppliers. Get this string-change tool instead. It has a string-winder built in, a bridge pin puller, and a string clipper all in one! I used to think this was gimmicky. No matter what style of music they play, string changes are a regular part of life. This tool makes it so much easier! 

Guitar string change tool


4. Snark clip-on tuner

Clip on tuners make getting tuned up quick and easy. They take up so little space and can easily be thrown into a guitar case! Just avoid the cheap ones on Amazon. Snark is the #1 name in clip-on tuners for a reason. They aren't expensive, so just spend the few extra bucks on a good one. 

Snark clip-on tuner


5. Guitar cleaning kit

This is something most people won't buy for themselves, but will transform their guitar and make it like new! The first time I cleaned my guitar was YEARS after I started playing. The amount of finger gunk I removed was gross. But it felt like I had a whole new instrument!

Guitar cleaning kit


6. Guitar setup kit

A guitar setup is where a luthier adjusts different parts of the guitar so that the guitar stays in tune longer, eliminates fret buzz, and ensures the strings are the proper distance from the fretboard for optimal playing. Over time, with frequent playing as well as changes in temperature and humidity, the guitar needs to be readjusted. A guitar setup kit allows the recipient to skip the $50-100 luthier charge each time, and helps them learn to how to maintain the instrument themselves!

Guitar setup kit


7. A string variety pack

Strings are another one I typically DON'T recommend, because most guitar players have the one kind they usually like. But if you buy them a few different types, you might help them experience a new type that they like even more!


8. A quality case

If they don't have a hard-shell case, these make amazing gifts! Calton Cases are the premier hard-shell case company and their cases come in all kinds of cool designs! A hard-shell case provides substantially more protection for their guitar than a soft-shell case when transporting it to and from gigs, lessons, and anywhere else. 


9. Guitar lessons!

Get them a gift card to your local music shop for lessons or an online course! Guitar Goddess has a great course for beginners, and in-person lessons are great for helping intermediate and advanced players continue to progress!


Shopping for guitarists doesn't have to be hard. If you're not sure if they already have something, you can almost never go wrong with a new strap or some fun picks! There is always room in the case for accessories that add a dose of personality to the mix!

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