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  • WORST Gifts for Guitarists

    We try to keep things positive around here, but as we were researching to put together the list of the BEST gifts, we just saw so many bad recommendations out there that we felt we had to make this post. So many "best gifts for guitarists" are lazy product roundups that just find gimmicky items on Etsy or Amazon and throw those in a list. It almost seems like they aren't even written by guitarists! So in this post, I'll explain why I think some of these commonly recommended items make poor gifts for guitarists. 
  • Best Gifts for Guitarists

    Black Friday is upon us, Christmas is weeks away, and rampant supply chain shortage make it all the more critical to get your holiday shopping done ASAP! Here's what to get your favorite guitarist, and what NOT get them. We've taken the time to put together a list of thoughtful gifts for guitar players that are sure to make them smile!
  • Why #vegan?

    You might be wondering why it matters whether a guitar products brand is vegan or not. After all, it's not food! "Vegan is a food thing, right?" Not exactly! You probably know that leather is made from cow, so most guitar straps are immediately disqualified by either being entirely made of leather, or at the very least having leather end tabs! But why buy vegan?
  • Packaging Update!

    Would you believe it if we told you we had a harder time getting our packaging figured out than we did designing and sourcing our guitar straps and picks? It's true! Here's why...